Lisa Hunt aka Contrissa(non-registered)
I'm so glad to see this website. Such an enjoyable place to enjoy your work. Such a wonder to peruse the catagories. I would like to be able to purchase calendars or books from here. Maybe I missed it. Fantastic. You think I know how I feel.
Tim Andrews(non-registered)
Jenny, it was so wonderful meeting you yesterday. Your photos are absolutely STUNNING. Barton and I both enjoyed perusing through them and even caught ourselves 'gasping' multiple times! Your work is beautiful and your heart even more so. I look forward to keeping up with your photography!
janet nelson, AKA Nelson twin(non-registered)
I truly enjoyed viewing your gallery. Your photography is amazing. Thank you,Well done!
Bill Dyal(non-registered)
Your website is spectacular, Jenny. I knew your photos would be great but was not prepared for the professionalism of your website. I think it is the song at the beginning that really gets me. Says so many of the things I feel. Thanks for sharing all that you do.
Carolyn Baumann, Maryland(non-registered)
I am so enamored by your nature and wildlife photography and your animals are beautiful. Your timing, composition and line are superb and your photos are saturated with vivid color. So pleasing to the eye.
George Wester aka California Swede(non-registered)
You never fail to post very beautiful images. You have a brilliant eye for detail. I love browsing your flickr stream and am tempted to make them all favorites.
Brian Galligher
Spectacular work in every photo! You have such a gift and access to so many beautiful places, Jennifer. Thanks for enriching our lives with your heart, your soul and your eye. xoxo Brian "Burly"
Terry, Squiggy68(non-registered)
(followed from Flickr)

Your an inspiration to me. I love your work. Your love of nature shines through in all your work. It's majestic and almost surreal...

I hope to one day have work to my credit that is this impressive.
Donna Anderson(non-registered)
Just met you today and wanted to be sure to visit this site. I really love your photos and your talent. Gorgeous, gorgeous.
i'm impressed!
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